Costumer Review

23 January 2010

-mY cHUCk cHaRLes cArMicHaEl BaRToWsKi-

The great movie that I have been seeing lately is ‘chuck’. Surely I really love it enough. Why? Handsome? Not exactly… talented? Little bit... rich? Awesome? Yeah… whatever… But for you information, I have been seeing that movie… for a many times… I playback… seeing back… and put it clearly on my mind. Because what? THAT MOVIE HAS NO SUBTITLE!!! You know how I hate it!!! And how I suffer about that fool thing? Uaaaaarghhhh!!!!!
By the Way… Actually that creepy problem has help me a lot… a little tired because I need to rewind, rewind and rewind several dialog because they are a little rush when speak. But with that I will know what the hell about this movie. Sounds great… maybe. The others, I really like Zachary Levi. He is my chucky Chuck!!! Hahaha… sounds like an obsessed. With the name CHUCK IRVING BARTOWSKI alias Secret Agent CHARLES CARMICHAEL, He is some kind of nerd guys (sometimes) But always act as a cute and romantic man when face with his girlfriend (cover girlfriend/handler and protector him as an asset of country) SARAH WALKERS or her real name is JENNY BURTON, she is a CIA agent. Chuck have others members team names JOHN CASSIE. Like a cuppycake, so tough, and a little funny in a seriously manners. He from NASA (National Security Agent).
What else?? Mm… okay, based from my observation… correction, movie review more suitable, chuck is a graduate from Stamford University. He has an intelligent brain on computer and has a valuable asset on his head. He is an INTERSECT. Have you known that?? He can flash… and that’s why he becomes a haunting by a government and Fulcrum. That’s it… more complicated.
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