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27 January 2010

HarI InI

..... Well done, baru lepas beperang kat kuiz undang-undang jenayah tadi.. what theee...... bengang bila tengok jawapan budak-budak nih panjang bejela2... but i punyer tak sampai setengah mukasurat...
..... aku tak mention lax lec aku mintak aplikasi cases.. what the heLLo???.. what a damn thing!!!.. frankly speaking aq x cmfden 70% yg aku jawab tadi tu boleh di terima akal.... what a terriBLe MoMeNt...

23 January 2010

oUcH!! My StArZ!!

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-mY cHUCk cHaRLes cArMicHaEl BaRToWsKi-

The great movie that I have been seeing lately is ‘chuck’. Surely I really love it enough. Why? Handsome? Not exactly… talented? Little bit... rich? Awesome? Yeah… whatever… But for you information, I have been seeing that movie… for a many times… I playback… seeing back… and put it clearly on my mind. Because what? THAT MOVIE HAS NO SUBTITLE!!! You know how I hate it!!! And how I suffer about that fool thing? Uaaaaarghhhh!!!!!
By the Way… Actually that creepy problem has help me a lot… a little tired because I need to rewind, rewind and rewind several dialog because they are a little rush when speak. But with that I will know what the hell about this movie. Sounds great… maybe. The others, I really like Zachary Levi. He is my chucky Chuck!!! Hahaha… sounds like an obsessed. With the name CHUCK IRVING BARTOWSKI alias Secret Agent CHARLES CARMICHAEL, He is some kind of nerd guys (sometimes) But always act as a cute and romantic man when face with his girlfriend (cover girlfriend/handler and protector him as an asset of country) SARAH WALKERS or her real name is JENNY BURTON, she is a CIA agent. Chuck have others members team names JOHN CASSIE. Like a cuppycake, so tough, and a little funny in a seriously manners. He from NASA (National Security Agent).
What else?? Mm… okay, based from my observation… correction, movie review more suitable, chuck is a graduate from Stamford University. He has an intelligent brain on computer and has a valuable asset on his head. He is an INTERSECT. Have you known that?? He can flash… and that’s why he becomes a haunting by a government and Fulcrum. That’s it… more complicated.

QuiEt MiSsZ oF ThEm

Then… let us talk about my old school… hahaha… very gorgeous... Frankly speaking I just having sad about this because I have no much pix during I’m still school. So, when I’m open up my album... Then I see the pix that we having taken at about form five... I said ‘oah?? That is very childish face…Weird but cool n cute! (Hesitate to admit (^_^))
The cool one is ecil… then Piqa, echi… eja… dhya… and my entire classmate. I miss u all… a lot of memory that I keep silence in my mind… A lot of joke… laughs… tears… and all of this makes us close each others…
And don’t forget our loving teacher neither; kak gee… muah2x...
Then the great things that I like to share with you all are we having a ‘sms book’, got it?? Just a simple word… That book like a chain which bind us together… Which is heard our heart… And work as a canvas of our soul… (For addition that book also for backbiting too!)
Then what a terrible moment!!! When someday that book has stolen… not by another student but by teacher!!(yandan) how bad…. He is read the content of that book, but luckily… he got nothing… hahahaha… So my friends and I go to him and beg to get back that book… wowowowowow…. It’s not a simple mission… he investigates us like a crime!!
But it’s finally work (too speechless because the mission accomplish)... we got the book back and continue our gossip, gotcha!!!

sApE kEnaL bUDaK nIh? HabAq mAi Sat kAt Aq

Nak cite sal budak kecik seko nih?? Ngeeeeeee….. ‘piqa’ 2 r nama dia… why banyak2 gamba kawan aku gamba dia yang paling banyak interfere kat page aq ni.. sebab ade consensus antara kitorang… (nak guna chemistry da common sgt, ni term dlm Law) dulu kalau kat skola lama aku..aku tak kamceng sangat ngan budak nih.. bab dia ada konco2 dia sendiri n tyme tuh aku side budak2 ostel.. tapi bab wat benda gila2 memang otak aku kauteam ngan budak nih.. nak kata bercakap ngan dia kat skul pon agak jarang la compare ngan budak2 lain. Tapi segala-galanya bermula bila aku da further kat melaka nih..korang taw..banyak2 kawan aku yang ada kat bumi sabah ni… ngan dia pla aku tak lost kontek!!! Bha..thats miracle!!! Memang agak susah aku nak follow dia mula2.. tapi bila sekarang da dekat dua tahun aku kat sini banyak benda aku share ma dia.. [ada la tu network kami] bha… aq ingat g time aku balik bulan 11’08 ari tuh… kami bechat sampai tengah malam bhaaa……cerita be gusip saja…membungkar cerita dulu2…sampaila time mo be share gambar sekali nda dapat2..ta bingung bha kami..sampai be anta kat emel pon nda dapat2!!!! Nangit jua kami time tuh. Ngeee!!!!

13 January 2010

ChAMyNn Da TuA

11 jaN aRi tUh aQ beZdAy...LiKE UsUALLy da 3 TAwN Aq BeZDaY KaT PeRantAuAn(kAlAu ceLeb nDa aPa) f1 tuh aq nga PLKN, haru gax.. pas 2 scnd aq da masuk KUiM, and tHirD kemaren dulu..ngee.... ghase cdey sangat eden bk kate org nogori.. Lasy year member aq celeb aq bub duit kerajjan Malaysia da masuk time tuh..tapi this year juz suprise wish bup PTPTN tk masok ag!!!! wawawawa... btw my pwenz (tEnOxmYdD) Like usually belanje aq kepsi.. senorok cangat...!!!!!!!

04 January 2010

..aKu InGiN pULaNg..

.i miss you all!!!

bUfDaY @qISh

...buah hatiku..Ika BalQisH, sweet 7 sayang... balik sabah hari 2 aku sempat celeb @qish aku bufday.. mahu di jadikan cerita..time 2 aku n my sis AniQ nga masak kat dapur..pastu 2qish datang g dok melepak ngan kitorang..tiba2.. "Astaga kak... kemarin aku harijadi upanya, lupa aku eh" (Dalam loghat sabah).. aku n my sis pon blank2..biar betul anak aku pon g r ask kat mamynya...astaga...betul pula.. bukan apa budak tu nda bole di percaya handred persen bha cakapnya..hihii... so aq pon discuss ngnh sis aq wat kek by my hand.hahahahaha....kek + kurma.. somethink like that la... ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qish!!!

03 January 2010

...MeMOrIal Kat LaBuAn...


...kAT sISWAZAH cOrNeR.. sTILL kt Labuan agy..mumumuahh!!!!!

... The new Dyeseble...hihi..bercuti ke labuan time balik sabah harituh.. besh giler....

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